Monday, September 11, 2017

Avoid Vendor Lock-In with Notate

Effective today, Notate, and Notate Productivity Suite licenses are EMM independent. If you purchase Notate for one EMM and want to migrate some or all of your users to another EMM you can do this without re-licensing Notate. We are extending this model to our latest Notate Productivity Suite software as well.

After users have invested time and energy into capturing important data within Notate, we didn't want them to feel abandoned if their company decided to change EMM vendors. We also didn't feel that a company should have to re-purchase Notate just because they've switched vendors. The right thing to do was to make our subscription licenses independent of the EMM.

If you are moving some users between EMM solutions and you want to maintain the same great Notate experience as before, reach out to us and we will help you migrate your user licenses for free.

Joel is the CEO of Shafer Systems, the company behind Notate App.