Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Introducing the Notate Productivity Suite for BlackBerry

It's been a while since we've released an update, but rest assured we have been busy working on satisfying all of the requests that we have been hearing from you. Today we are introducing the Notate Productivity Suite. For just $1/month more that you currently pay for Notate, you get three additional great applications, Docs, Meetings, and Cards.

So just what are these new apps you ask?

Meetings is designed to make meetings work better. A lot of you have been using Notate to take notes in meetings, but sharing those notes with others or collaborating on meeting action items has been a struggle. Meetings to the rescue! Meetings syncs with your Outlook calendar and automatically creates a virtual workspace for every meeting. Anyone who has been invited to the meeting has access to the workspace and can share notes, action items, and in our next release files.

Docs is a full fledged PDF editor that allows you to annotate, fill out forms, and sign documents. Best of all you can scan your own paper documents into PDF files. It's great for capturing receipts into expense reports.

Several of our customers have asked for the ability to scan business cards and save them as Outlook contacts. Cards does just that. It's simple and fast.

Of course Notate remains simply the best "Secure Evernote Alternative". With this release, the Windows Desktop version of Notate gets a major upgrade by adding support for task management, and notebook sharing.

The Notate Productivity Suite is currently available exclusively for the BlackBerry Dynamics Platform.

Learn more about Notate Productivity Suite or sign up for a free 60 day trial

Joel is the CEO of Shafer Systems, the company behind Notate App.