Friday, February 21, 2020

Notate for BlackBerry License Key Rollout

Shortly, existing Notate for BlackBerry customers will receive an email providing a license key.

Action required

Please enter your license key into the Notate application policies section on the BlackBerry UEM or Good Control servers.  Simply copy and paste your key provided to your email into the admin console

Roll out dates

After April 6th, 2020, Notate 6.8 will begin to warn users if the license key has not been applied into the admin console.  The warning will state that the license key is not found and that the user should contact the IT admin.  Although the user will be alerted, the application will continue to function properly.  This alert will notbe displayed if the license key is applied before April 6th.  

After Notate 7.0 is available (planned for late Q2), the application will not operate without a license key applied in the admin console.  All user data will remain intact, but application functionality will be restricted until a valid license key is applied to the admin console.

Joel is the CEO of Shafer Systems, the company behind Notate App.