Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Our handwriting has improved!

Notate for Good 4.9 for iOS is almost ready.  In the next couple of weeks it will be available for download on the AppStore.  What does this new release have in store for you?  Better handwriting!  Notate features added support for the Apple Pencil and the iPad Pro, but even if you are not yet the owner of one of these nifty devices your handwriting in Notate will still significantly improve.

Notate takes advantage of the higher touch screen resolution available with iOS 9.  This means that your handwriting will be smoother, thinner, and look and feel like writing with a pen.  Velocity tracking allows strokes to vary in width to emulate a natural pen stroke.  If you are using the Apple Pencil, Notate will track the Pencil's angle and rotation to make the pen strokes look even more natural.  

Do you find that jotting down your notes by hand is more convenient than typing with an on-screen keyboard?  Notate can now do the trick.  Whether you are scanning a form and filling it out before emailing, or just jotting a to-do list, Notate's improved handwriting feature may be just what you are looking for.

Happy writing!

Joel is the CEO of Shafer Systems, the company behind Notate App.