Friday, May 20, 2016

Document scanning comes to Notate

Have you ever found yourself wondering where a business card came from?  Have you ever misplaced those receipts from your last business trip?  Have you ever needed to quickly copy and email a paper document?  Notate can help!

Notate 4.7 for iOS now allows you to scan documents and insert them into your notes.  If you are on site for customer meetings, scan those business cards right into your meeting notes and never lose them or their context again.

While traveling create a new expense report note and scan in all your receipts and throw them away.  Once you are back at your desk, simply email the note to the finance department and all of your receipts will be sent in a convenient PDF format.  Do you need to explain part of the receipt?  No problem, simply annotate on top of the image with Notate's drawing tools.

Notate can even act as an ad-hoc copier.  If you have a paper document that you need to turn into an electronic version for email, just open a new note in Notate, and insert a scanned document.  Notate will automatically capture the image and correct it's rotation and contrast, and with just a few taps your paper document is emailed.

Notate is now available on the AppStore.  Happy Scanning!

Joel is the CEO of Shafer Systems, the company behind Notate App.