All your data secured by BlackBerry Dynamics

All your data (notes, handwriting, metadata, etc.) are secured with FIPS-certified encryption. Enterprise admins can set policy requirements on which users and application versions are authorized. Access to the app data can be remotely revoked or wiped entirely by IT, without disruption to the device or other applications.

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BlackBerry Services

Features of the Joint Solution

Provision App by User or Device
Enables system administrators to grant access to the mobile app by user and by device, protecting from inadvertent access.
Partition business content from the other personal content on a single device
Encrypts and prohibits unauthorized access to enterprise content downloaded to the mobile device
Prevent data leaks
Authorizes approved third party applications for document emailing and copy and paste privileges
Revoke Access and remotely wipe content from mobile device
Protects enterprise data in the event of a lost or stolen device
Integrates with BlackBerry Dynamics Security
Ensures that enterprise data will remain secure by leveraging BlackBerry security architecture to deliver on-device application security and control-using SSL/AES 256 bit encryption-within BlackBerry Dynamics ecosystem

How it Works

Network Architecture.