New Update: Notate for Windows

Notate for Desktops

Notate secures notes by storing content behind the firewall on the Exchange server, under complete control of the IT organization

Desktop viewing of notes

Desktop viewing of notes is available by using Microsoft Outlook, however Outlook does not enable users to view or edit rich note content, such as images, handwriting, or audio recordings captured on their mobile devices.

Notate for Desktops (Windows and Mac OS) provides the same editing and viewing experience that users have on their mobile devices

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Notate for Desktop:

With a consistent and familiar interface users can now access all of their notes and view and edit rich note content directly from their desktop. All notes created in Notate are still secured by the organization’s Exchange server and automatically synced to your mobile device.

Notate requires a license activation code from Shafer Systems which is available for free with any existing license.

Notate for Desktop:
  • View Note Handwriting/Annotation
  • View/edit Images, Photos and Web clippings
  • Listen to Audio Recordings
  • Export Notes to your Desktop
  • Add File Attachments
  • Print and Email Notes