Today, we’re launching the Notate for Windows 4.0 (early access)! Notate for Windows was re-written from the ground up to provide you with the same features and experience that you have come to love in Notate for iOS. There are big changes in several areas—and we’re eager to get your feedback.

Here’s a look at what’s new:
A faster experience
We’re implementing a more responsive Google Flutter framework that delivers more features, a fresher look to let you view and edit Notes, Tasks, and PDF documents faster.

Annotate easily
Now with Notate for Windows you can make handwritten notes, and annotate and sign documents just like you can on your iPad. Notate supports Microsoft Surface devices as well as the Windows Pen! Don't have a Surface device? You can always annotate with your mouse.

View and Edit PDFs
You can now edit, sign, and share PDF documents without the need for Adobe Acrobat DC. Sign documents, edit PDF forms, make comments and annotation and collaborate in shared folders.

Release notes / Known issues
There are some features which are not yet supported in Notate for Windows these are:
- Files tab for viewing and editing email attachments
- Full contact management
- Document scanning capabilities
- Task reminders

Known issues:
- PDF editing can have slow performance on some slow PC processors
- Windows Integrated Authentication is not yet supported. Users must enter their Exchange credentials
- Drag and drop file attachment is not yet supported
- Audio notes are not yet supported
- Text prediction on a Surface Tablet only works when using the on-screen keyboard

How do I get started?
Just click the Download Windows link below. Installation instructions are included in the download package. Send feedback to support@shafersystems.com