Notate in Healthcare
BlackBerry seminar on using Notate in a healthcare setting
Notate Cross Platform
Cross Platform example of editing the same notes on a PC and a tablet
Easily sign and return emailed agreements while mobile
In this example we'll show how to securily sign a PDF document.
Make meetings productive
In this video we'll demonstrate how to Notate Productivity Suite can streamline meetings.
Scan paper documents and save to SharePoint
In this video we'll demonstrate how to scan a new document and save it to Sharepoint as a PDF.
Sharing documents with clients and requesting signatures
In this video we'll demonstrate how to share documents with clients and request signatures.
Collaborate on SharePoint documents while mobile
In this video we'll demonstrate opening a document from Sharepoint and adding a few comments.
Scan Business Cards into Outlook
This short video will demonstrate how to add a business card to your contacts using Notate Productivity Suite.